What we are dealing with? With the most demanding: everyday life.

DELACAVE Architectes | Architectural Think Tank, founded by the architects Fabienne & Alex in 2006 in New York, researches and builds. In Europe and everywhere else. We see architecture as the science of structure, one that encompasses everything: a piece of furniture, a house, a form, a person, history, time. We work in an interdisciplinary way, especially valuing the seriousness of humour and the urgency of slowness.

Please note 

We are very often on the road in areas with poor or no telecommunications and therefore prefer to communicate by e-mail.  If you want or need to send us physical mail, please scan it and send it to info@delacave.net. We will respond as soon as possible.

+ Project USA

We're currently planning a project in the USA. A modular architecture. Classic modern.


+ Module #3070, OTHER SPACES, Melbourne Design Week

Other Spaces is a curation of ideas and projects which examine the condition of terrain vague. The projects presented consider the question of urban wastelands through a variety of mediums and approaches; art, architecture, landscape, critique, and provocation.

Presented by Amy Evans.



Due to fluctuating political, social, and economic conditions, our cities exist in a constant state of physical transformation. One consequence of these transformations is a residue of left-over spaces – neglected voids within the urban fabric which the architectural theorist Ignasi de Solà-Morales Rubió has termed terrain vague.

+ Project Finland

We're currently planning a project in Finland. A modular architecture. Classic modern.

+ Project Italy

We're currently planning a project in Italy. A modular architecture. Classic modern.